Security and cookies

1. What are cookies?

Cookies are files or devices that are downloaded to your terminal in the process of browsing the different web pages. These devices store information necessary to allow web browsing. Additionally, some cookies can store information that allows the provision of interactive services and advertising.

Below we make a brief explanatory classification of cookies for their essential characteristics, although some cookies for the information they store may be contained in one or more categories.

2. Types of cookies

  • Types of cookies for the period of time they remain activated.
  • Types of cookies by the entity that manages them.
  • Types of cookies according to their purpose.

2.1. Types of cookies for the period of time they remain activated.

Session cookies: are temporary cookies that remain on the computer until the user closes the session and / or leaves the website that uses it, and is not registered on the disk of the user.

Persistent cookies: are cookies that remain stored in the cookie space of your computer after leaving the web page. When you return to browse the same page, it will consult the cookie that remains stored on your computer and will obtain from it the information that facilitates navigation (directly access the service without the need to do the login process).

2.2. Types of cookies by the entity that manages them.

Own cookies: are cookies generated by the website you are visiting.

Third-party cookies: are cookies that are received when browsing this web page, but that have been generated by a third service that is hosted on it. An example may be the cookie used by an advertisement or advertising banner found on the website we visit.

2.3. Types of cookies according to their purpose.

Cookies for technical purposes: They are necessary for the operation of the website. They are also called strictly necessary. They make it possible to control traffic from the server to multiple users at the same time, identification and access as a user of the system, etc.

Cookies for personalization purposes: They make it possible for each user to configure aspects such as the language in which they want to see the web page, display formats, etc.

Cookies for analysis or performance purposes: They allow advertising to be displayed in the advertising spaces enabled for it, without obtaining user information.

Cookies for segmented advertising purposes: These types of cookies allow you to expand the advertising information displayed to each user. They store information on user behavior on a continuous basis, facilitating browsing patterns and / or user behavior, creating a profile of advertising interest. The purpose of these Cookies is to offer advertising related to the interests of the user based on their preferences and browsing habits.

3. Which cookies do we use?


I used some cookies in the past for Google Analytics, but I moved to a different tool that is not using cookies, and claims to be healthier for your privacy. So win win! =>

4. How to uninstall cookies

You can manage the general cookies of your navigation, through your browser, here are instructions for different browsers: Be careful !! If you use the cookie manager of your browser you can block cookies that matter to you and are useful in your navigation.

You can get more information about cookies on websites such as this.