Recently adopted, works great when you only want to see TS in your code. Easy transition Vue -> React.

I have started using React in my projects, and I think right now is my preferred frontend framework (over vue, which was my preferred framework until now). React's approach is way more direct, almost without any kind of magic that makes reactivity work behind the scenes. That ensures you can write simple easy-to-follow typescript code.

It has some drawbacks though, and it's also easier to make simple mistakes. For instance, it's quite simple to create computed properties in your Vue components, and they just work. But in React you need to be explicit about which variables should be cached (using memo), and what are the variables they depend on. This makes the learning curve a bit stepper, but I really like the fact that there is no magic behind this behavior: You create your memos, you decide which variables it depend on, everything is clear.

Another big plus for this technology is that learning React opens the doors to React Native which is just awesome :)


11 months

This year I have started working as freelance in my spare time. I've found that this is a completely new way of working, very different to what I'm used to.