3 months

This was project that was initiated by my brother Alejandro Cámara, and I joined to help with some Web technologies. The idea was to create an AI that could be programmed by the player. The goal of this AI was to navigate a maze that was generated procedurally.

  • My brother built the core of the project. It was built in C++, and was responsible generating the mazes and parsing the Lua code from the player which would guide the AI through the map.
  • I was responsible for building the Web infrastructure so it was possible to visualize how the AI (the dot) was moving through the map. It consisted of a backend that had a socket connection with the C++ program and websocket connection with the active users.

This was a very interesting project, but it has some design flaws. I would like to give it a try somewhere in the future (if I ever have time for that...)



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