5 months

This was an app I tried to develop during my 6 months as freelance.

In this app you would be able to share your thoughts with the people nearby. I used Sails.js as main Framework for the Backend, using MongoDB for persistence and Redis for cache. The first approach was to develop a single web Frontend using Angular v1.0, and make that work in mobile devices using PhoneGap. But oh boy, if that was buggy:

  • The application was highly dependant on WebSockets, and that didn't work very well with embedded web apps.
  • I put a lot of efforts to make the website responsive, but the UX was not great, you could easily tell that it was just a website pretending to be an app.

Having that in mind, I decided to start implementing a native Android app, which was fun to learn, but also a big stone in the path.

This project was a big failure for many reasons, but I'm happy of all the things I could learn during this time :) Besides, I was able to present all the work I had done in this project during my interview for a position at Square 1 (which showed that I had some experience in Web), so it was helpful after all!


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